• Jill Storch

Vision from a TCM Perspective

2020 is underway – the year to clarify both our individual and collective world vision. Yet in today’s technological age most of us suffer from a condition known as Digital Eye Strain from the overuse of electronic devices. Whether we’re in front of a computer all day at work, or impulsively on our cell phones at night, most people experience some degree of eye strain. Symptoms include dry, red irritated eyes, blurry vision, headaches, eye fatigue and neck/shoulder pain. The blue light that is emitted by our devices are short, high energy wavelengths that are responsible for this eye strain. This blue light also reduces our body’s melatonin levels, the hormone which helps to regulate our natural sleep patterns. Being on devices at night and before bed can be a contributing factor to insomnia as well.

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, vision relates to the Liver organ system. This is the system in the body that also handles all of our stress. Since most people have a high stress level, the Liver system is already vulnerable to becoming imbalanced. Nighttime is considered the Yin time, when our body’s natural rhythm slows down and goes into rest and restore mode (the opposite of yin is yang – the energy of daytime, motion and doing). Being on devices during Yin time can further aggravate a system that is already fatigued and overloaded. The Liver system is associated with the time between 1am-3am during which time it imperative to allow the body and eyes in particular, to rest.

Getting regular acupuncture treatments is one way to help combat this problem. When our body is in a balanced state, external stressors don’t have the impact that they do when we are in a state of stress and imbalance. Depending on the severity of symptoms, herbal remedies can further help to correct the underlying root cause, instead of just treating the symptoms. As technology is here to stay, we need to make sure that we are taking the best care of ourselves that we can in order to mitigate some of its depleting effects.

The world needs a strong collective vision right now, to help create the shift in consciousness that is so desperately needed. If each of us does our own part to hone in and clarify our own unique vision, the web that connects us all and supports this collective vision becomes that much stronger and vibrant.

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