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New to Care?

Dr. Bell utilizes several healing modalities that address a range of conditions such as neck/back/joint pain, aches, stiffness, misalignment, scoliosis, poor posture, sciatica, headaches, digestive disorders, inflammation, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, emotional & mental distress, and other forms of dis-eases within the body.  These modalities not only help to restore the body back to proper function but often increase baseline energy, breath, movement, awareness, flexibility, focus, and more.

Dr. Bell is one of a handful of practitioners in the Midwest providing Network Care (NSA + SRI).  Additionally, two other modalities called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and TBM (Total Body Modification) may be utilized during  care depending on the specific health or wellness goals of the individual.  


Starting Care

Starting care begins with scheduling two separate visits.  These visits serve to get a better picture of your overall health so to establish the best course of action to help you reach your health and wellness goals.  Before the first visit, you will be asked to fill out and bring to the office a personal comprehensive  health survey  that will help us get a better picture of your overall health.

Back Massage

Initial Visit

The purpose of this visit is to get a comprehensive picture of your overall health, evaluate the nervous system & spine for signs of stress physiology, and to determine if this type of care will be a good fit relative to your health and wellness goals.  At the end of the visit, you will receive a hands-on session, promoting a greater overall sense of ease within the spine and body.   The initial visit lasts about 90 minutes and includes: 

  • Consultation/Review:

    • An intro & overview regarding the type of care offered by Dr. Bell.

    • An intro to the concepts of spinal position, tension, tone, breath, range of motion and their relationship to the expression of illness or health/wellness.

    • A review of your Health Surveyform and history so to identify any current stresses that may be impeding greater health/wellness.  

  • Spinal Exam, evaluating for:

    • Stress/defense physiology and adverse spinal cord tension patterns.

    • Spinal/muscular/structural/postural misalignments or imbalances. 

  • Hands-on Session

    • May include NSA and/or SRI


Second Visit
(Report of Findings)

During this visit, you will be presented with the results of the initial spinal exam, options for care, and receive your second hands-on session.  The ROF visit lasts about 75 minutes and includes: 

  • Clinical Findings:

    • Current lifestyle factors (ie,  diet/nutrition, exercise, sleep, postural/movement patterns, and/or various stressors) that may be impacting your health or wellness. 

    • Any spinal/muscular/structural/postural imbalances, “compensational patterns” or protective adaptations in the body related to stress physiology, and how these may be affecting your overall health.

  • Recommendations for:

    • A treatment schedule based upon clinical findings and customized to your specific health goals should you decide to move forward in receiving care.

    • Home care exercises related to breathing, movement, or somatic (body) awareness. 

    • The improvement of your current health, including any recommendations for new lifestyle behaviors or refinements to already existing ones.

    • Nutritional support, if any.

  • Hands-on Session

    • May include NSA and/or SRI


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