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Discover the Benefits of: 

Network Spinal Analysis & 

Somato Respiratory Integration

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If you've ever wondered what a life beyond stress feels like, then you've found the right place.  Stress can negatively impact the body, our emotions, the way we think, perceive, and our ability to thrive in life.  The good news though is that it does not have to be an ongoing affair or something to be forever managed or coped with. 

With enough internal resources, the negative effects of stress are easily neutralized by the body's natural healing mechanisms. Those resources can even grow beyond "normal" levels, shifting not only one's state of health and wellness but also the trajectory of one's life.  Life can literally look and feel different. 

Human resourcefulness is our specialty. Each day we help people to discover and transform untapped resources into pure potential. Whether seeking tangible results for a specific health concern or a greater connection to the body, senses, and life, our services help to expand the range of inner resourcefulness. 

If you are looking to tap into new levels of health, wellness, and personal transformation, please give us a call today to schedule your first appointment... we are excited to assist in your journey!  


Network Care

We offer Network Care as a primary form of health care.  Network Care is the combined use of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI).  NSA is a very gentle and non-invasive form of Chiropractic. SRI allows a deeper connection to the body and healing through the utilization of breath, touch, movement and focus. 

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We Work with Those Experiencing:


* Neck/back/joint pain, aches, spasms
* Muscle/Joint Stiffness & Disc Injury
* Misalignment/Poor Posture/Scoliosis
* Arthritis, Tendonitis
* Sciatica
* Headaches/Migraines 
* Insomnia
* Digestive disorders
* Chemical stress
* Inflammation
* Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia

We Work with Those Experiencing:


* Anxiety
* Panic
* Depression
* Emotional/Mental Stress & Exhaustion

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Benefits of Care:

* Reduction of symptoms, restored physiology
* Increased energy, vitality & breath
* Greater strength, flexibility & movement
* Release of spinal & life tensions
* Postural changes, structural alignment & integrity
* A self-correcting & adaptable spine
* Greater somatic (body) awareness 
* Increased ability to respond to stress or challenging   situations 
* Overall sense of ease and wellbeing
* Emotional freedom, inner peace 
* Increased ability to make necessary changes in life
* Greater confidence, life enjoyment, passion
* Greater focus & clarity